About Us / Price Match Guarantee
Genuine Miranda®

How does the program work?   
You present any written estimates (less than 6 months old) from a legitimate* home improvement company during initial design in-home survey.  We will match project specifications for size, style, and materials (as closely as possible) and beat their best-written offer by an additional 1% (up to $500).

What is a legitimate home improvement company?
Any company that is incorporated, carrying proper license and insurance for work in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas, a member in good standing with the Consumer Protection Act, maintaining at least 5 full-time employees, normally providing home improvements (windows, doors, California Shutters, aluminum railings, garage doors).

What does match price as close as possibly mean?
There have been many sub-standard products offered in home improvement.  However, we recognize that some companies do offer OK and even exceptional products.  We don’t offer any sub-standard or even OK products.  But we will still match and beat their price with our exclusive Genuine Miranda® Products & Installations.™

Does the Genuine Miranda® Price Match Guarantee applies if I get your estimate first and then shop around?
We will be happy to meet with you as many times as necessary to earn you business. However, our lowest offer is utilizing rebates, promotions, and incentives provided by our manufacturers.  These are available only on first meeting.  Our 6-month guaranteed quote is typically better or at least competitive.

Do I get the Genuine Miranda® Price Match Guarantee and other promotions for the lowest price?
Only if the other company offered a similar promotion in writing.

What if I decide to purchase from you and then find a better offer?
We will honor the Price Match Guarantee for 10 business days after your purchase.

What if the other company did not leave a written estimate?
Would you do business with any company that would not provide a written estimate?

What if the other company just wrote the price on a business card?
Would you do business with any company that would not provide a written estimate?

Bottom line
Shop until you drop. Then call us. We will do whatever it takes to earn your business while making it easy and affordable to enjoy your home.

To print a PDF copy of the "Genuine Miranda® Price Match Guarantee" click here.