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Thursday November 1, 2007


RE: Direct Vinyl Windows & Doors and or Antonio Miranda

Dear Website Visitor,
This Notice is to inform you that there is no association between Miranda Windows & Doors Inc. and  Antonio Miranda and / or any companies that are or have been owned or operated by Antonio Miranda including Miranda Aluminum Inc., Miranda Direct, Miranda Home Improvements Ltd. and Direct Vinyl Windows & Doors. Antonio Miranda is NOT an authorized representative of Miranda Windows & Doors Inc. and we will not warrant any work that has been contracted by Antonio Miranda or any of his companies.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at (905) 896-7974 if you have any further questions or concerns in regards to this matter.

Yours truly,

Tony E. Miranda
President/ Owner
Miranda Windows & Doors Inc.

“ Miranda and the Miranda Design Logo are registered trade-marks of Miranda Windows & Doors Inc.”

To print a PDF copy of this "Important Notice" click here.