Antartic System


Miranda Windows offers The Antartik System®, a pioneering system that helps reduce condensation which blocks windows with frost or fog, by moving the window’s thermal glass closer to the opening’s warm side (the warm side of the home’s wall). With and extra 1.5” depth to the frame, your windows gain a built-in insulation cavity, which is great for new construction windows.

The Antartik System® is also perfect for replacement windows as it gives you the opportunity to reuse your existing window coverings (eg. interior and exterior shutters), and thus saves you money!

What’s even more fascinating is that the Antartik System®:

  • Is available on all our windows and existing glass types.
  • Is designed for flush frame installation.
  • Can be used with the majority of jamb extensions and all exterior brickmoulds.
  • Increases the value of your home

Our Antartik System is available for all of the following window styles.