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Miranda Entrance Doors are built in Canada to last a lifetime in the tough Canadian climate, and are available in Steel, Fiberglass and Wood to match your unique style and requirements.

Miranda offers a unique variety of Single and Double Exterior Entrance doors with Sidelights and Transom options, ensuring our clients get the entrance doors that perfectly match their design and security requirements.

Miranda Exterior Door Collections

To get started, browse our Genuine Miranda Exterior Door Collections below, or call us to book a Free Shop @ Home Service where our exterior door consultant will help you select the perfect front door for your home.

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Exterior Doors Mississauga
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Features And Benefits


Sidelites can be added to either one or both sides of the door. They can be either fixed, or, on selected styles, full-height operating with interior mount screen.


Transom windows, arches or ellipticals can be added over your entrance system for a spectacular look.

Rust Proof

Genuine Miranda® Entry Systems feature rust proof, hot-dipped galvanized door skins with one of the highest insulating foam core densities available.

Entrance Door Warranty

Miranda Fiberglass Insulated Entrance Systems are backed by our industry leading 30 Year Genuine Miranda Warranty. Miranda Steel Insulated Entrance Systems are backed by our industry leading 10 Year Genuine Miranda Warranty.

Genuine Miranda Entrance Door Installation

Miranda entrance door installers have over 30 years of experience installing fiberglass, steel and wood entry door systems across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our prices are affordable, our service is on time and our installations are a perfect fit.

Entrance Doors Hardware

Miranda Genuine Entrance Door Hardware

Chose from Electronic or Mechanical entry door hardware systems. Our hardware is built to last a lifetime, with superior security, convenience, ease of use, and style to match your home decor.

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