Exterior Grills


Exterior grills give the classic, divided lite look for rectangular and non-rectangular patterns. Whatever style or shape window you have, Miranda Windows can provide you with the perfect grill pattern from our wide selection of standard choices that make specification easy and simple. However, there is increased design flexibility that allows us to create custom grille patterns, too, for a truly signature look.

External Grills

We install external grillwork on the surface of the window to give the illusion of real individual window panels without any compromise to your windows. External grills are offered in different colours, sizes, and thicknesses and can be bent seamlessly with the frame. If professionally installed, they will be in perfect harmony with the architecture of your home.


At Miranda Windows you will find external bent grills that add a unique architectural detail to your home and are designed for a stress-free installation and quality appearance. Made to order according to your needs and requirements, our bent grills create the illusion of custom-shaped windows. Every bar is machined with our superior quality joint work, with precision engineered to the highest quality standards.

Available in a wide variety of finish colour, profiles, colours, and materials.

Our exterior window gills are available for all of the following window styles.