Exterior Window Options

Add Style To Your Exterior

Living in a visually appealing and energy efficient home is on every homeowner’s wish-list. The exterior accessories at Miranda Windows will help enhance your windows’ efficiency and performance, adding more value and beauty to an already magnificent window at the same time.

Decorative Brick Window Moulds

Brickmoulds are ideal for renovations and provide traditional wood window styling. With brickmould trim, you can instal a new window into an existing opening without damaging any exterior brickwork, stucco or siding.

Also, brickmoulds frame the outside of a window and cover rough openings between the wall and frame, giving a lovely finishing touch and add charm and character to the exterior of your home.

Available in beige and white, our extrusions can also be colour matched to a shade of your choice to blend with the colour of the window frame.


  • No maintenance.
  • Made from the same material as our windows (100% virgin vinyl).
  • Can be custom-made to fit shaped windows.
  • Ideal for new building and brick-to-brick applications.

Available in:

3/4” J
1” Sill Brickmould
Sill Nosing

Decorative Brick Window Moulds

decorative brick window moulds

Nailing Fins

A nailing fin is a thin piece of metal that goes around the perimeter of the exterior window frame and is nailed directly to the studs (the frame) of the house, hidden between the exterior and interior of the home. Nailing fins are very common in most new construction windows (standard-size) and add to the permanence of the window.

That aside, nailing fins are also:

  • Perfect for siding.
  • Added to renovation windows quite effortlessly.
  • Weathertight
  • Pre-slotted for nails.

Available: (1) Welded, (2) Welded Siding, and (3) Hardboard.

Nailing Fins


Window Couplers

Miranda Windows has the most comprehensive range of couplers to meet the specifications of your windows. We come forward with clever solutions and couplers specifically designed to resist against the elements, as well as solutions for low-volume niche applications.

With the ability to connect many units together, our couplers enable professional installation of a window with a number of door and window elements, such as a balcony door or patio, too.

Available: (1) C Coupler, and (2) Bay & Bow Couplers (10° 15° 30° 45°).

Window Couplers