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This is a popular and practical window as a horizontal operator. The window is the ideal choice for areas of the home that require maximum ventilation. The double side slider tilt is the easiest window to clean, allowing both operating sashes to tilt inside. It also comes with a full screen. Click here for pictures of Double Side Slider Tilt Windows


  • Fusion Welded Frame & Sash creating seamless continuous profile and eliminating potential air leaking gaps.
  • Strong Solid Vinyl Profiles 3 1/4" multi-chambered design provides structural strength and insulating air pockets, reduces heat and cold transfers.
  • Integral Lift Rails permits sashes to be operated with ease.
  • Large Interlock with Double Protection brings double weatherstrip sashes closer together and locks them air tight, another secure line of defense against the weather.



  • Weatherstrip For Results - Schlegel Fin seal is the superb weather seal design that is ideal for double hungs, with a bulb seal on the bottom sash.
  • Night latch provides secure ventilation.
  • Low Profile Tilt Latches - presents a cleaner slim line appearance, with the ability to tilt both sashes in for cleaning from the inside of your home.
  • Cam Lock - 180 degree locking cam locks pulls the sashes together for a positive seal.
  • Locking Shoes With Washer Tip Pivot Bars - When tilting in a sash for cleaning, the shoes securely lock themselves in place. Special pivot bars ensure they do not pull out of the shoe.
  • Full Sloped Sill - engineered for excellence, pointing water in the right direction.


  • For new homes or brick to brick applications, these windows are built to your individual needs with options of nailfins and brickmould, with jamb returns and frame extensions to fit your type of wall construction.

Window Ratings

  • A-3, B-3, C-3

Size Options

  • Minimum Size Single Tilt @ 20x17
  • Maximum Size Single Tilt @ 72x42