Simply Clean Glass Technology


The combination of advanced technology and innovation has given birth to Simply Clean Glass, making your life easier and less stressful while keeping your windows looking cleaner than ever before.

Features that make Miranda Windows Simply Clean glass unique:

  • Makes cleaning a super simple task – It uses the sun’s UV rays, which activate the coating, to decompose and loosen dirt. Then, water or rain simply washes that dirt away.
  • Simply Clean Glass Reduces Water Spots – Thanks to a thin silicone dioxide layer that makes the exterior surface of the glass very smooth, the water evaporates very quickly, leaving your windows cleaner for longer periods or time.
  • It works even when there is limited sunlight – You can expect Simply Clean to work even on weather conditions with little sunlight, such as cloudy days, when 1/3 of the sun’s UV rays don’t get through.
  • If ordered with LoE Glass, Simply Clean comes standard with all Miranda Windows products.