Muskoka Patio Doors



The Muskoka Sliding Patio Door panels are made from heavy gauge aluminum, using a full stainless steel system, reinforced polymer wheels, and heavy duty machined hinges.
The primary objective was to engineer functional sliding patio doors using highly durable components for ease of use, longevity and an elegant appearance.
The Muskoka sliding doors add a new dimension to residential as well as commercial decor applications. In commercial settings Muskoka sliding doors are ideal for restaurant and bar patios, while in residential settings they add class and character to terraces, patios and cottages looking for an interesting design and optimal functionality.
The Muskoka Sliding Doors were designed to deliver the highest quantity of light with wide vistas, while offering superior weather resistance and energy efficiency benefits

System Features

  • Door panels engineered using Heavy Gauge Aluminum
  • Highly durable Automotive Gasket System
  • Stainless Steel System built for Low Maintenance
  • Easily adjustable “Auto Locking Collar”
  • Heavy duty Reinforced Polymer Wheels
  • Complete Stainless Steel System
  • Machined Hinges built to last a lifetime
  • Patented In-line Pivot System
  • Superior energy savings with durable weather sealing finish

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