Superior glass unbeatable performance

LoE 180

Designed specifically for the Canadian climate, our new LoE 180 glass is a superior glass that gives you unbeatable triple glazed performance, compared to other LoE’s, in a double glazed format.

Considering that each home loses a significant amount of insulation due to improper window installations or windows made from the wrong (or poor) materials, you can save up to 25% your heating cost every year by installing LoE 180, which comes with an extra-thin insulation layer that helps prevent heat loss in cold weather and allows your home to stay warm.

In the summer months, this advanced technology ensures your home is a refreshing place to live in and relax, as it blocks the hot air and humidity from entering your home. Of course, this also means that you cut down on air-conditioning costs!

The result?
Your windows’ insulating value is improved by up to 40%.

Compared to other window glass, our Cardinal LoE-180 glass receives impressively high insulating value, solar heat gain, and energy rating

Thanks to Cardinal LoE 180 advanced light transmission, clarity and zone coverage, it’s the clearest glass in the market with high UV radiation protection that helps protect not only the glass from damage and fading but your interior valuables as well.

  • LoE-180 can be ordered with triple or double glass panes.
  • You can choose Krypton or Argon gas between the panes.
  • Energy Star Zone: A, B, and C.
  • With LoE-180, a double glazed format will give you triple-glazed per formance.
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