Essex Patio Doors




The Essex Swing Patio Door is an advanced vinyl door model, designed to combine optimal performance with the gorgeous views that you can only get from a swinging patio door. If you are looking for a healthy mix of design, quality and functionality, the Essex Swing Patio Door provides just that. Incorporated in it’s design is a secure 5 point locking system and dual-glazed low E glass for maximum energy efficiency.

Vinyl Frame & Panel

  • Maximum air tightness from double perimeter seal
  • Components that are easy to install and replace
  • 4 7/8″ welded frame
  • Adjustable hinges allowing for inswing or outswing configuration

Standard Features

  • Steel reinforcement to withstand higher winds
  • Superior thermal performance from 1″ sealed units
  • Superior water resistance and strength from 45 degree welded corners